Some believe that good clothes can't be cheap. Some truth in this, but only a fraction. There are places where beautiful things can be bought without the huge margins, which clocked fashion boutiques.


Sales is not just a gimmick to attract potential buyers. There really is an opportunity to buy something from the eminent designer at an affordable price. Serious companies don't collect things on the shelves, they need to free up space for new collections. This gives fans discounts have the ability to buy clothes that until recently cost many times more expensive.


Direct sellers can buy very cheap clothes, especially in the sales season. Date varies depending on the selected country. Usually before the New year and Christmas in the United States, Italy, France, Denmark offers huge discounts up to 70-90%, so you should go for new clothes in one of these countries.

Flea markets

The markets sold a lot of clothes of good quality. Authentic European brands here hardly eat, but you can meet them with good copies, and the popular brand of Russia, Turkey, Poland. In stores, the same clothes are sold 2-3 times more.

Besides, the price here is not fixed as in the store. You can bargain and get extra discount. If you always buy clothes from the same distributors, then they are happy well knock down the price, so even asking is not necessary.

Wholesale markets

Wholesale buyers can buy clothes cheaply. This is useful when the shopping is done collectively. But the other side of this benefit is not very attractive – it's going to be in the same.

Buy wholesale best initially, but ask for a discount as it is not forbidden. Unlike retail sellers, wholesalers are reluctant to bargain.

Internet resources

Perhaps this is the most comfortable way to buy clothes cheaply. From the comfort of home, view offers several shops and to choose the most suitable – it's very convenient.

Each store has regular promotions and gives promo codes by which the customer gets a bonus discount. Making a product, you must enter in the corresponding number field.

Chasing cheap, do not forget about the main thing: the clothes need to have not only a good price but also good quality. And again, seeing cheap ranks, refrain, after all, you don't need to buy everything.