Thanks to zinc, the person feels the taste and smell, is born appetite. Its deficiency is manifested in different ways. People can see for themselves:

- brittle nails,
- hair loss,
- the appearance of white spots on the nails,
- they often get cold,
- they have bad wounds heal.

Zinc deficiency can lead to late puberty, and even impotence, fatigue, and irritability, reduced learning abilities, diarrhea. And from the overabundance of appear digestive problems, migraine, nausea.

The zinc deficiency causes the use of drugs that have a diuretic effect and an unbalanced diet carbohydrate foods. Most zinc athletes need.

To preserve their beauty and youthfulness, you need to eat foods that are rich in zinc. Less it contains in vegetables and fruits, more foods of animal origin, therefore, from its lack often suffer vegetarians. And note that when you use natural products, there is no overdose of this trace element, but fermented zinc as natural, dangerous to humans. It's poison.

The adult requirement for zinc is 15 milligrams per day.

Chocolate lovers will be delighted to learn that 100 grams of this product contains about 10 milligrams of zinc, which is 65 percent of the recommended daily intake of zinc. And 100 grams of cocoa powder contains 40 percent of the recommended daily intake of this mineral.


Selenium – or lunar powder – a naturally occurring poison, was known in Mesopotamia as one of the best Orudjev killing unwanted rulers. However, without selenium, the body suffers no less than and its overabundance. The thing is that selenium can rid the body of free radicals and retain nucleic acid. Women with healthy levels of this substance in the blood, stand out for their beautiful skin, they longer retain his youth.

It selenium is the basis of female hormones and some enzymes. Scientists have proven that this element is very successfully resists cancerous tumors - it literally saves lives, but the trouble is that no one recognized mechanism of this struggle, and therefore the effective use of selenium in medicine is not possible.
Excess selenium in the body manifest the unpleasant garlic breath, nervousness and mood instability in women.

It is noteworthy that in contrast to zinc, we cannot say exactly how much selenium you need to consume a person a day to maintain a healthy balance. Conventionally, it is considered that for women this balance is equal to 1 milligram per 1 kg of body weight.