If sweating is "obey" your nervous system, the doctor can prescribe treatment and prescribe you certain medicines – antidepressants or beta-blockers.
Sometimes the reason to sweat, there are age-related changes in humans. In this case, a little to solve the problem and improve body odor will help various creams, talc, dry deodorants and sprays. The most effective are antiperspirants, which contain from 3 to 6% of the active substance (alumoxane).
Be sure to apply antiperspirant to clean skin, preferably in the evening, when sweat glands are least active. This will help to protect you from excessive sweating the next day. But keep in mind that antiperspirant that contains more than 30% of the active substance, may cause irritation on the skin.
Get rid of the sweating, for example, on the palms of the hands or armpits, also with injections of Botox, which blocks for six months or a year the sweat glands.
Extreme method to eliminate excessive sweating on any part of the body is the so-called sympathectomy is a surgical operation to remove the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. In the course of surgery are small incisions, which contains a mini camera and surgical instrument is removed. This procedure is simple, but before taking such a serious decision, think about the consequences. One of the major drawbacks of sympathectomy is considered that the issue it decides. Removing excessive sweating in one place, you may provoke its appearance in another.
To less sweating, try to wear clothes only from natural fabrics which absorb moisture well. Drink heat lot of fluids, especially hot drinks. Regularly clean the skin and take a shower. Use antibacterial soap.
If you have severe sweating in the armpits, from there remove all the hair, you regularly do even the most ordinary safe with a razor. Wash your armpits, be sure to use antiperspirant deodorant. All of these measures in combination will help you gradually to reduce sweating, and you will feel great.
With excessive sweating of the feet is a good help baths with the addition of potassium permanganate, washing with baking soda and sea salt, and a daily bath with a decoction of oak bark (50 grams of broth per liter of water).
If you are overweight, try to exercise to to adjust. The sweating will also decrease. And watch what you eat, because sweating is also caused by spicy food.