Parent meetings should be held regularly, at least once in a quarter. On the dates and topics necessary to inform the parents in advance.
The meeting can be held in the form of speech, i.e., lectures.Pre-guide surveys to find out what issues are most concerned about. parents. This will help you to plan the topics for the meetings.
Invite the experts: psychologists, doctors, social pedagogue, etc. is Not a secret that parents often do not know how to behave with children, for example, in a conflict situation and may not always notice that their children need adult assistance.Ask them in advance to prepare questions for the speaker. Consider also the possibility of anonymous treatment of adults to the experts. Introduce them to the addresses and phone numbers organizations dedicated to psychological problems of children.
Make a plan of the meeting. For example, it may consist of the following items:
the performance of the psychologist's or physician - 30 minutes;
the parents ' questions to the speaker - 15 minutes;
the survey is 15 minutes.
the discussion of the organizational moments - 10 minutes;
the report of the Chairman of the parent Committee - 15 minutes;
summing up - 5 minutes.
Definitely, at the first meeting acquaint parents with the school's Charter and with the requirements of the rules of student conduct. Tell them about the study circles and sports sections.Interview about the need that children receive hot meals in school.Every meeting needs to keep a record.
You can also hold a meeting-debate. Discuss the any urgent issue. To talk about the friendship in the class group.
Be sure to hold meetings for the year.Shall present a report on progress in the class. Report the increase or decrease in the quality of education.Plan ways to improve performance in the classroom.A conversation with the parents of underachieving children should be carried out individually.
Inform the meeting about the scheduled events in the class. And even better - plan together.Tell us about the results achieved in extracurricular activities. For example, the existence of prizes in the school Health Marathon or a sporting event.
Remember that the attitude of parents to the school often formed at PTA meetings.Be considerate towards your parents.