In order to draw up a menu for your pet, you need to know what species it belongs to. Preferences for foods are formed from turtles depending on the environment of its habitat. Some species prefer only meat, other algae, plants and seeds. The American Box turtle is not picky and eats almost everything. There are types of turtles that are at a young age only prefer worms and bugs and growing up, start eating all.

клички для черепах

Important element is calcium

как можно назвать водную черепаху

Turtle food should contain a large amount of calcium and phosphorus. However, few supply the body with pet these elements. So they learned and benefited, necessary vitamin D3, which is produced in the body of a pet by heat and sunlight. If vitamin D3 is for any reason not to in a natural way, you can purchase the drug at a pet store.

живут черепахи


разводить водных черепах

Menu of turtles, you can incorporate foods with protein. It can be cooked fish, eggs, lean beef, shrimp, chicken, earthworms. Occasionally you can give pet food for cats and dogs. Under the ban are just fat and raw meat and fish.

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Moderate amounts of protein foods may not harm your turtle. However, if the pet basically eats only such food, he may soon develop problems with the kidneys. So do not be lazy to vary the power of the mutant protein and plant foods, the percentage of which depends on the form of a turtle.

So, feeding domesticated carnivorous turtles and herbivores from different feeding omnivorous content of plants and proteins. For example, predatory turtle for a normal existence must eat 90% protein and 10% for plant food. Whereas herbivorous turtles, the opposite is happening.

Plant foods

In addition to phosphorus, calcium and protein, menu, turtles should contain vegetarian food. Offer your pet a potato, tomato, carrot, a slice of pumpkin, green peas, beans, grain. Also meals can be livened up with grape leaves, lettuce, Thistle, Fig leaves.

Most likely, the turtle will not abandon some fruits, berries and flowers. Pamper her with an Apple, melon, orange, mango. From the berries of the turtles, as a rule, partial to blueberries, blackberries, grapes and strawberries. As for colors, almost all species of turtles like geranium, Lily, dandelion, nasturtium, Pansy.

Turtle food at home can be difficult to balance. In this case you should use special food for turtles. They will help to maintain the health of your pet for years to come.