You will need
  • – the name and password of the mail account in and the installed application Agent for regular cleaning of the archive;
  • – computer with access to the Internet for remote cleaning of the archive of saved messages.
Start Agent. In the dialog, enter the name and password on your mail account and click "Log in . After downloading, you must choose a companion, in correspondence with which you want to delete. If the archive needs to be completely cleaned, you should turn to clean out the archive of messages each contact.
Click on a contact, right-click and in the dialog box, click "message Archive . There is another way to enter the archive. Open the dialog box with the selected source by double-clicking the mouse on the contact. In the upper left corner is a button "Archive .
Select the desired to delete the message in the left section of the window. It should be remembered that the archive sinhroniziruete messages in Inbox, Outbox, and common folder for all messages with the selected source. To remove some messages from the dialog, you can use the search box on the right side of the dialog box. An archive allows you to select the messages manually by scrolling through the entire history of correspondence. In order to delete a message, select it by single clicking the left mouse button and click on the button "Delete in the right menu block. But if you want to completely clear history, you should use the function "Delete all located in the same part of the dialog box.
Use the remote method to remove the archive in case if you are using a computer that is not running Agent. To do this, open the portal and log in to your mailbox. Then click on the "message Archive Agent located in the left vertical menu of the page. After that, the system will again prompt you to enter a password into the system and after a successful authentication, remote access to the archive will be received. All history of conversations is stored on the contacts. Enough to choose a companion, in correspondence with which you want to delete and select messages. After clicking the "Delete correspondence with the source disappears forever.