The symptoms of external otitis

Swimmer risks to earn otitis media under two conditions: if it is not to shake the water out of your ears and dry them after bathing, which gives a nutrient medium for pathogenic bacteria. Second, if as a result of hypothermia in a weakened ear gets a bacterial infection.

The disease begins with mild itching in the ear. If at this stage not to start treatment, the infection can spread and pain in the ear will become painful and shooting. To determine the occurrence of the disease is easy enough, just need to pull yourself over the earlobe. If there is acute pain, it will be "swimmer's ear".
When wearing a hearing aid can easily make otitis externa, even without going to water. The hearing aid occludes the ear and there occurs moisture is a favorable environment for disease development.

In the case of acute pain it is important to visit an otolaryngologist to get advice and a prescription for an appropriate antibiotic. Also have to purchase ear drops containing cortisone. But if there is no pain, but it only starts itching, you can try to shake my head to remove water from the middle ear to dry it with a Hairdryer, stopping on the swimming in the ponds.

In case of otitis media to put in the ear a warm compress. In any case and at any stage to treat the disease is necessary, because in its advanced form possible swelling of the ear or cervical lymph nodes, discharge of pus from the ear, and dim, and in the most severe cases, partial loss of hearing.

Prevention of external otitis

"Swimmer's ear" is a disease quite common in summer when people flock to water. Need to know a few simple rules to prevent the development of disease. First, you need to carefully choose the place for swimming. Of course, a clean pool is more suited for this purpose than covered with mud pond, especially if you have a tendency to catch infection.

It would be good for swimming to use the appropriate accessories, like a rubber bathing cap. Also, most pharmacies sell paraffin and silicone earplugs, which helps people who are prone to otitis.
During the bathing season, oddly enough, it is not recommended to clean the earwax, which feeds beneficial bacteria and protects the ear from moisture.
After bathing must shake all the fluid out of your ears and dry them.

Using these simple safety precautions, a swimmer or bather may protect themselves from the unpleasant symptoms of external otitis subsequently.