Preventive measures are the best means in the fight with Tina

Tina is the simplest plant that spreads very rapidly on the surface of the pond. Dense mass of niccacci and blue-green algae consists of Tina, skips a little oxygen and virtually no chance of survival of ornamental plants and animals.

From the abundance of slime pond can rot and become a source of danger even to human health. It is therefore better to take preventive measures.

Seating plants

To fight effectively with Tina fit strong competitive plants - nymphea, Ceratophyllum and peristaltic, lilies and water lilies. These plants are underwater, they feed directly from the water and deprive of necessary substances Tina. The more you plant ornamental plants, the less likely the simplest algae to survive.

Special pond equipment

Compressors and filters help to establish a natural balance in the pond, which is necessary for the health of animals and plants. Tina takes lots of oxygen, the compressor compensates for the deficiency of this substance in water. As a consequence, "good" plants and fish begin to tread on harmful algae.

Drugs for the prevention of turbidity and selinene water

SeraPond BioCrystal+ made from natural ingredients (barley straw). Pouch with bioactive filler is placed on the bottom of the reservoir, and the drug immediately begins to work, not allowing Tina to grow. There are liquid such actions - Sera Pond Algenstop. Very effective "Mikrozim pond Trit", BIOFORCE Aqua Balance and Roetech WT, which consist of a complex of beneficial microorganisms that destroy Tina and bottom Il.

Urgent measures for getting rid of Tina

If the pond is very small, artificially created, it is possible to try to catch Tina net. But it should be done regularly, as this plant is quickly restored.

Use tools to care the pond. From the muddy green water and slime on the decorative stones, the sides and the jetty you will save TetraPond AlgoFin, "Protocast", "Clean the pond". These tools do not harm animals and other plants, as the result of their actions you will see in a couple days.

There are tools for quick cleaning of the pond. TetraPond AlgoRem works almost instantly. Tina dies and crumpled it remains only to remove a net or filter water. If you act in strict accordance with the instructions, fish and ornamental plants in the pond are in no danger. For best results, turn on the air compressor when using TetraPond AlgoRem.