How to prepare a flower bed for growing cucumbers in the open ground

For good growth and development of cucumbers need to make a layered, warm bed. Pick a suitable place, the place must be Sunny. The first layer — drainage. It will fit any branches, straw and grass. Place a layer at a depth of approximately 30-50 cm and how should tamp it. Then place a layer of fresh manure. As such, the patch needs to stand until spring, during this time, all the layers will settle.

In early may, pour a layer of fertile land (it is best to use humus). Put your arc and pull the film or nonwoven covering material. After a few days we will begin planting cucumbers. The manure will "burn out", releasing heat, resulting cucumbers will be very comfortable to grow and bear fruit.
In addition, the plant will get almost all the necessary nutrients for their development.

If you have not had the opportunity to prepare the cucumber patch in the fall, it is quite possible to do in the spring. Place a layer of manure (you can use neterprise), add 3 cups of wood ash and 100 g of narotski on 1 square meter. Then, pour a layer of soil and cover the bed with tape, placing it directly on the soil and pressed load. Leave a bed like this for at least a week. Then make a hole and drop them in the seedling or seeds of cucumbers, place arc and cover design wrap.

If is not possible to buy manure in advance, prepare the compost. During the summer, put in a bunch of grass, leaves, weeds. Periodically watered and turn with a pitchfork. The spring is supposed to be decomposed mass, which can be substituted by manure.
To accelerate the maturation of compost, water the plant debris EM-preparations.

How to prepare the soil for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse

Under greenhouse conditions a large crop of cucumbers can only be obtained on a soil rich in fertilizers and organic matter. To prepare the land in the spring. First remove the top layer of soil, then add manure. The layer should be quite thick, about 30-40 cm Make a few holes at a distance of about 1 m in each and pour one bucket of hot water. The manure will "burn out" and give off heat. After a couple of days in the greenhouse will be set a sufficient temperature for planting cucumbers.

Before planting, pour a layer of fertile substrate. Take grassy land (you can use the topsoil from the greenhouse), compost, clean sand or sawdust in the ratio 2:2:1. Pour the mixture into the manure and spread. On top of the garden shed pink solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect it.