A protein shake is, in fact, range hood, water-soluble proteins from egg white, whey, or protein-rich plant foods (e.g. soybeans). In addition, sometimes the composition of these cocktails are injected mineral supplements and vitamin complexes designed to compensate for the loss of potassium and sodium that goes along with the sweat.
In some cases in protein shakes to increase the calorie add a little fat and carbohydrates (sucrose or fructose) is the so – called "weight gainers", or energy drinks. The main advantage of protein drinks is that they can be taken as during exercise, and directly in front of her. A significant part of the foods that contain a lot of protein – legumes, meats, cheeses and others are quite "heavy" for the stomach. It is not recommended to eat before exercise.
There are some instances when protein shakes are poorly tolerated by the human body and their use can harm it. Such conditions include: intolerance of dairy products (especially if they have Allergy to lactose); chronic digestive disorders; a period of acute food poisoning; chronic pechenocna failure; chronic renal failure; the enzymatic deficiency.
In addition, mention should be made of the dangers of eating soy protein. Athletes take it is not as common as whey, but reducig cases, he is able to show its side effects. This is due to the fact that the composition of soy protein are nonsteroidal plant compounds - phytoestrogens, whose action is largely similar to female hormones. Therefore, if the athlete (regardless of gender), there are serious disruptions in the endocrine system, taking soy protein shakes should be stopped.
Damage protein powders can be expressed in the digestive problems. These adverse consequences can be detected, if you do not observe the dosage of the drink. Quite often athletes beginners don't want to be patient and to make the necessary efforts to achieve an effective result. Many people want to get a muscular figure in a short time, but because the wrong people begin to use protein drink. In this case, the harm protein almost covers all the benefits of this product. In order not to harm their health, it is important not to neglect the recommendations about the dosage of the drink referred to it by the manufacturer.
It is extremely important to purchase quality protein only from a trusted manufacturer. The fact that some nesovmestny company-manufacturers can add to your product various additives that may subsequently have a negative impact on health. Of course, we should not forget that to eat protein shake should be during 2 hours after its preparation. If you store the finished beer in the fridge, the shelf life is 5 hours.