Jute rope in home decoration

Jute rope used in decorative interior finishing of wooden houses. They can put all mezhventsovyh joints on the walls or to make a kind of plinth. Buy the large spools of rope, because the expense will be rather big. For mounting use adhesive. First apply it on the edges of the joints, then push it to jute rope. When the glue is dry, finish trim, decorative carnations by driving at a distance of about 10 cm.
To the ends of the jute rope was not lochmelis and not dismissed, wrap them thick thread and abundantly impregnated with hot melt or lacquer.

Thick rope can make a partition in the room. On a wooden frame the size of the desired partition fasten pieces of rope, pulling them tight. Close the second frame. The contour can be decorated with outdoor plinth or make other cover, and you can just varnish the wood under the interior color.

Rope curtains made of jute

The original design of Windows and doorways in the room can not only curtains made of cloth, and from jute rope. For the manufacture of such curtains will fit a thin cord. Measure the distance from eaves to floor, add another 10-15 cm Cut the rope into segments by size. You will need a large number of workpieces.

Four or five segments of the string loose beads. Rough fabric and delicate beads in combination will contribute to the singularity of the curtains. From a piece of thick burlap or linen fabric cut a strip about 20 cm and a width equal to the future blind. Fold it in half and iron. Then again, expand the workpiece.

Put on one part of the entire length of the strip of double-sided adhesive nonwoven fabric. Then tightly to each other, lay on the sticky part of the chopped strands of natural fibers. Punctuated by their segments with beads. When ready, fold the billet and iron bar. Prostrochite it on the sewing machine, bending the edges inward, so as not crumbled. But you can't do if you put interlining on the edge.

Hang the curtain onto the ledge and jute rope trim along the length. The clips on these curtains can be hung not only on the side Windows, but in the center. Bundle multiple strands together in the middle of the window and secure their focal seizure.
To wash a curtain is to manually. Braid it into several braids, soak, and then rinse. Dissolve the braids, hang the curtain onto the ledge to dry.

Individual decoration interior

A simple and affordable way of decor – it is laying thick jute rope in an empty aquarium. Can be made as symmetrical curls and randomly positioning the rope.

Jute rope can be used as a mount for pictures and mirrors. Vases, bottles and candle holders, wrapped in natural fiber, original look in the interior.

Made of thick jute rope handles for cabinets, cupboards, various drawers. Drill in the door opening, which thickness is the same as the rope. Thread and tie it at the ends the nodes to handle firmly. If you do two holes, the ends of the rope print on the back side of the door and also tie knots.