Advice 1: What if your gay son

There are different views on homosexuality - both among scientists and ordinary people. Some believe it is a deviation from the norm, and even disease, others only a manifestation of personal characteristics of a person. Many who learned that their relative is gay, have to form their own opinion.
What if your gay son

When a teenager declares that he is gay

First of all, you need to understand whether parents understood their son. If the young person is still young and has not in the obvious reasons, sufficient experience, perhaps simply unsure, and it may be true that it was intended to shock parents. At the age of 13-15 years, the psyche is formed, and a teenager is sometimes not in forces independently to understand their desires and thoughts. Especially important in this period for parents is the preservation of psychological comfort in the family that the child with any questions and problems you could refer to older family members.
Parents who can't find the strength to properly perceive and safely respond to the fact that their son is gay, you can ask for help from a psychologist, who will help to cope with emotions and to think constructively.

So you should try to calmly react to the news. Otherwise, the next time the child is simply not going to tell the parents about any changes in your life because of fear that cause an inappropriate response. Instead of lecturing, trying to "brainwash" the son, it is better to try to question him - why he thinks he became gay. Does he have experience or just interested, as well as to understand what can cause such interest. Often at a young age Teens can intentionally or spontaneously to shock such statements, although in reality they are quite far from being able to change traditional sexual orientation.

If during the conversation with his son reveals that he only wants to be gay, and the parents are categorically against, you can try a few options. In such cases, it may be very useful a psychologist, a specialist you can go separately or together with my son. No one can guarantee that the "cure of homosexuality", but a psychologist can help Teens understand themselves, to solve the existing psychological problems or to feel "painful" places in the subconscious. And then the child who has recently announced that he is gay, you may realize that it is not.

To try to understand and accept

In the case when about his homosexual reports people older, already existing life, parents can be even harder to accept it - after all, many rather than just telling, for example, about their children at work, to say: "My son is gay". However, we should try to first focus on the fact that the son himself came and told me about it. So he doesn't want to hide this fact from the parents, hoping for their understanding. Parents, it is possible to ask for some time to make this information - perhaps, for some it can be quite stressful. Particularly acute can respond to those parents who were hoping soon to get grandchildren.
You can try to visualize different scenarios - from very unpleasant to quite prosperous. Selecting the most desirable possible outcome, you should strive to make it a reality.

A special situation exists when parents learned that their son was gay, from strangers. Or, for example, saw it in environment and circumstances, which can only be interpreted one way. And in this case it is necessary to wait for the first impression, and maybe anger and frustration, or stress caused by feelings subside. Then we should try to speak frankly with his son about how his choice is deliberate, and how he sees his future life.

Advice 2: What to do if not is personal life

Setbacks in his personal life can be unsettling. Some people are so lonely or not existing of the novel, you can't see anything good in life. To correct the situation will help work on their installations.
Don't have to deal with setbacks in his personal life
It is possible that your personal life is not formed because you are not willing to give her enough attention. The relationships also need work. If you spend all the time and effort to build a career or another way of self-realization, it can be the cause of the failure in your personal life. Arrange your life priorities.

Perhaps now it is important for you to focus on work. Then do not worry because of his loneliness and keep in mind that personal happiness have yet to come. Maybe you will compromise and find a way to pay attention to career and relationships equally.

Problems with private life can arise from your character. Excessive temper, pettiness, temper, self-centeredness, bad habits, infidelity, insincerity, capable of repelling pretenders to your heart.

High or low self-esteem can also prevent a happy personal life. Learn to accept yourself adequately, love yourself, strive to identify the best traits and to destroy significant weaknesses, and your life will change.

Pay attention to your self-determination in relationships. Maybe you are wrong to behave in relations with young men or girls. The reason for failed relationships can be your high requirements to the partners or the partners, as well as excessive expectations.

Learn not only to take but to give. This is the secret to a happy relationship. Those people who are waiting for that special someone will forget himself and will deal only with the satisfaction of their needs, are often left alone.

Some people have an angelic character, full adequacy and a huge desire to start a family, but still fail on the personal front. The reason may be some flaws in the appearance. And it it is probably not on natural data of the person, and what he makes of himself.

Unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to the development of a rather unattractive appearance. Unfortunately, not all people can fall in love of the opposite sex solely for the beauty of the soul. Sex appeal for success in personal life is also important.

Take care of yourself. Interested in healthy habits, study fashion trends, take care of your body. If you find it difficult to assess their appearance and develop a plan for its improvement, consult a good friend or a professional stylist.

Advice 3: Homosexuality: disease or normal life

Homosexuality is still poorly understood, but scientists around the world already know whether sexual orientation disease, lifestyle, or inherent nature of a model of behavior.
Homosexuality: disease or normal life
Innate homosexuality is a very rare phenomenon. In fact, people who are born gay, about two percent worldwide. That is, these gay men can meet as rare as conjoined twins.

Hence the fair question: "Then why is there so many supporters of same-sex love?". Only among some of the stars of Hollywood — a lot of people with a different sexual orientation. Actors, designers, singers, models boldly declare their preferences for the same sex. To do it became fashionable. Many fans of the stars begin to imitate the stars of show business. In countries where legalized same-sex marriage, not ashamed to be gay and announce it publicly.

What is it: psycho-physical pathology, the norm or the aberration? On this issue I different specialists from the field of sociology, medicine, psychology. Currently, democratic views are very strong, and people respect other people's choices. Here and there you can find men kissing.

Same-sex love has existed in all times. Many kings are not shy about their affiliation to men and did not hide it. By the way, even among primitive people homosexual contacts were as frequent as heterosexual. Also homosexuality is found in cattle, higher primates and some bird species.

From the history

In countries such as Greece, Persia and Rome love for the boys of the Greeks was required. They believed that intimate relationships with young men adult men had attached it to adulthood. In Ancient Greece for same-sex love was taken very seriously. The relationship between the representatives of the strong half of humanity stood. It was believed that the feelings between men was filled with moral charm.

During the spread of Christianity, homosexuality was considered a mortal sin. Gays began to harass, to humiliate, to punish. Despite this, homosexuality continued to flourish. In the middle Ages in Europe, the members of the monasteries believed that heterosexual contact is an even greater sin than homosexual.


In all times people expressed different assumptions concerning the occurrence of homosexuality. As can be seen, only a few people are born with different sexual preferences. But this is not to say that gays are sick people. They just don't like it. Other men become homosexuals because of the imposed ideals of the imitation of idols, fashion, and psychological trauma childhood.
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