There are three most popular varieties of black caviar of stellate sturgeon, sturgeon and Beluga. Their sword of the same name sturgeon.
The cheapest is the black caviar of stellate sturgeon. Has a very dark and small berries resembling beads. Stellate sturgeon caviar crisp, thin, falling apart on the spoon. This variety has a high calorific value, has a pleasant delicate taste. Such eggs are produced in banks under the red covers.
Caviar refers to the middle class. Its distinctive features are unusual yellowish brown color and rich sea scent. Sturgeon caviar has a distinct taste of seaweed. Pack it in jars with yellow lids.
Recognized as the elite Beluga caviar. She had very large eggs pearly gray tint. This variety has a delicate taste and a mild flavor, so Beluga caviar should be stored in a tightly closed vessel so it does not absorb the smell of other products. Caviar of the highest class is called "gold" - both in taste and price. It throws the Beluga-albino. And the older the fish, the more valuable it is considered caviar. If the usual Beluga caviar is produced in jars with blue caps, the "gold" is Packed in containers made of gold with 995 fineness. However, doing so only in Iran.
All varieties of black caviar are divided into 4 types according to the processing method. Caviar special wipe through a sieve, called "grohedal". Thanks to this method the eggs are completely cleaned of ROE (fish ovaries) and are packaged by size. Then the caviar is lightly sprinkled fine dry salt. In a few minutes caviar ready.
Although caviar has better presentation and is more expensive, the most delicious is still considered pressed. It is harvested in a special trough right in the ovaries. When the eggs will obschatsya, they are cleaned of mucus and streaks, and then pounded to give the calf the density and rich taste. Due to the easy drying of the eggs secrete the enzyme, improves the taste of the product. Pressed caviar is not only delicious grainy, but better kept.
Trinity caviar is a purely Russian product. The most popular as it was before the revolution in Czarist Russia. First, wipe as well as grainy. And then pour a strong salt brine – brine – and dried.
The cheapest is yastik caviar is salted and dried fish, right in the ovaries. This caviar is of good quality, as most often, for its preparation use the eggs of the fish is not fresh.