Macadamia – a nut that is considered the most expensive nut in the world. The tree on which the fruits grow, reaches a height of over 37 metres and can live for over 100 years. A feature of this nut is its small amount of nuts (in the year you can collect 35-40 tons). Therefore, the cost of a kilogram of nuts is about 30 USD.
The coffee "Luwak" – coffee, which grows in Indonesia. Musang is a small predator that eats the fruit of the coffee plant, but cannot digest it completely. After defecation this animal grain is harvested and dried in the sun. The cost of one kilo of coffee – $ 350.
Hawaiian sea water "con Nigari". This water can cost 450 dollars per liter. Important feature – you can drink it just after you add plain water.
Marbled beef – the meat of cows, which are bred in several parts of the world. They are grown in special feed, give to drink rice wine and beer. After exporting cows, sake was replaced with red wine, further increasing their cost. One kilogram of such meat should not be less than $ 600.
Beluga caviar is produced in Iran, the cost of such caviar is incredibly high – 2 thousand dollars per kilogram.
Saffron – the spice that takes pride of the regiment-priced products V. I. P. in the world. This seasoning is made from dried and ground flowers of the Crocus. One hundred grams of a seasoning worth up to $ 60.
Pizza "Louis 13". Portion, a pizza costs a little more than 8 thousand dollars. Part of this pizza included: a special kind of mozzarella, 3 kinds of caviar, seafood, premium Australian pink salt.
The white truffle is an incredibly expensive mushroom. The cost of one kilogram of gourmet mushrooms approximately 250 thousand dollars.