What is caviar?

Black caviar is divided into various types according to taste, size, colour, aroma and, of course, on the type of fish. Above all prized silvery white sturgeon caviar, which is the largest eggs, refined taste and lack specific fragrance. Dark bronze sturgeon caviar is not so large and has a noticeable characteristic odor. Least appreciated of stellate sturgeon eggs with the tiny black fish eggs and a strong smell and taste.

The type of treatment all that caviar can be divided into yastik, pressed and granular. Yastik is the ROE, which has not been cleaned from the film, the caviar could make the unprepared person unpleasant first impression due to the presence in it of foreign inclusions. Pressed caviar is made from the fat of grain stellate sturgeon, and in some cases of a mixture of sturgeon and stellate sturgeon eggs. Caviar is made from elastic, sturdy, uniform in color and size of eggs. This game is pasteurized, add preservatives, which allows it to be stored up to eight months in a closed form.
Ninety percent of all black caviar produced in the Caspian sea.

How much could it cost?

When buying caviar, pay attention to its packaging. All legal caviar is characterized cans ninety grams and in a glass with a capacity of one hundred and thirteen, fifty-six and twenty-eight grams. The lids of these containers differ in color. Beluga caviar can be found under the blue caps, sturgeons under a yellow, and stellate sturgeon under red.

Since caviar is produced from fresh raw material, which does not involve a technologically advanced method of freezing, it is made of the company, located close to the coast. Almost the entire Russian black caviar is produced in a limited number of plants, which are located in the Volgograd, Astrakhan and Kalmykia. If the place of production of black caviar listed Saint-Petersburg or Moscow, you fake that was made from frozen raw or diluted gelatin, artificial caviar.

The cost of the product acts as an important source of information. For example, a kilogram of Beluga caviar (the catch of which is prohibited in Russia) in Russia can cost up to thousands of euros, and abroad — five to seven thousand. Russian sturgeon caviar in supermarkets in Russian cities worth about five hundred euros per kilogram, in the U.S. it will have to pay about fifteen hundred dollars. The most common stellate sturgeon caviar is in online stores about two hundred euros per kilo.
Black caviar includes a complete set of important for the human body amino acids.

Production of black caviar is actively engaged in poaching. In fact, every legal jar of caviar falls from twelve to twenty-poaching. These hunters for profit seriously reduce the stock of sturgeon, which inevitably affects the price of legal caviar.