The advantages of drying the hair by natural means

After shampooing the hair needs to be dried. Very quickly you can do it with a hair dryer, but unfortunately, Hairdryer damage the hair. That's why experts suggest to dry them naturally when possible.

If a woman is not in a hurry and has the ability to slowly dry the head and hair done, then she should act that way. From the frequent use of Hairdryer and hair become brittle, begin to fall. Of course, it is very easy to use, but it is not necessary to forget about how bad it frequent use.

When drying your hair naturally you must first very gently blot them with a towel. Wet hair is very susceptible to various influences. Not to harm them, the hair must first slightly dry and then comb. For combing wet hair can use a comb with rare teeth.

The impact of the dryer on the hair

Despite the fact that the use of the Hairdryer harm your hair, many women are simply unable to abandon it. Experts believe that applying a Hairdryer can, but should not enter the system. Drying hair this way is possible only when it must be done very fast and also before important events, appearances, the code wants to look very impressive.

To reduce the harm from the dryer to a minimum, you should use the most appropriate model. For household use does not require a dryer high power. It is quite expensive, consumes a lot of energy and a very negative effect on the hair. It is better to choose a Hairdryer with medium or low power.

Dry hair should be cold or slightly warm air. From quick drying by hot air-flow is better to refuse, as it is very much injure the hair. It is advisable to spend a little more time on my hair, but not to harm his own hair.

Before drying your head in a warm air stream can be applied to the hair of a special foam or gel, protecting them from the effects of increased temperature.

During blow-drying should keep it so that the airflow was directed away from the hair roots to the tips. This allows you to close the hair scales, with the result that preserved their structure, and the hair looks sleek and manicured.

The Hairdryer should be kept at a minimum distance of 20 centimeters from the head. Closer contact with hair, air current harm them, making them brittle. Compliance with the above-mentioned rules allows us to reduce the risk of using a hair dryer to a minimum.