Restoration of structural elements after a flood

The first thing to do in this situation is to create ventilation and draughts. Further possible to carry wet stuff, and appliances. If the floor is covered with laminate, it is necessary to remove. The flooring is dried for about a month. Then it can again be mounted on the floor surface.

Now it is necessary to assess the condition of the Foundation. Depending on the level of the groundwater table carried out the pumping of excess water. But you need to remember that if groundwater is too close to the surface of the earth, the water from the basement be evacuated. Otherwise, there may be a differential pressure, causing the moisture will go into the empty space too quickly and also quickly get back. The intensive work of the pump can cause the formation of channels that will always be filled with rain and snow. There's a better way: leave the basement open and dig a small pit to drain water.

Drying of walls

Dry wall in several ways. It is best to let the walls dry naturally. Haste may lead to destruction of the insulating layer and brick mortar. The second method is the use of electric dryers. But it should be a managed process. Here too, there are nuances, which can handle only a professional. After drying, the walls are tested for the presence of moisture in the panels. For this purpose in the wall of the drill hole. As a rule, the decoration of the walls is insulated using bulk materials. After the flooding this material will have to be removed.

Electricity and gas

You can, of course, to check the electrical connections, but it is reasonable to call the gas company and electrician to verify and drying sockets, switches and transmission.

A very important point is the disinfection of the premises. Before finishing work, disinfect the house with the help of special preparations in order to avoid the proliferation of fungi and mold. As to household utensils, keep the house things affected by the action of water is not recommended, especially wood products. Much more important is the condition of slabs, beams, Foundation. After all, even a small displacement or deformation will cause damage. The Windows and doors of plastic stand up beautifully to the flooding, can not be said about wood products. Leave them closed until dry, to avoid deformation. If the concrete or reinforced concrete Foundation walls damaged, they need to be removed.