The popularity of apples in Russia is provided not only by their flavor, value, etc., also it is connected with the fact that apples are hardy and grow well in the harsh Russian conditions. Apple make all sorts of dishes such as jams, syrups, alcoholic beverages and much more. But one of the most popular dishes is the baked apples. While many believe that heat treatment kills all the good work that is in the fruit. Others argue that baked apples in better times.

Useful properties of baked apples

With such heat treatment of apples as baking, in fruit stored all the nutrients that make Apple so great. I mean, baked apples are also rich in vitamins A, b, C, E, H, PP, as and fresh. All they provide the normal functioning of the body and normalize metabolism.
Baked apples are especially recommended for use in pregnant women, women using COC, those who for a long time on antibiotics.

In addition, the baked apples provides iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium, phosphorus, copper, Nickel, etc.

The advantage of baked apples fresh before is that they contain potassium and magnesium. These elements regulate the acid-alkaline balance in the blood, helps to normalize the work of the kidneys, the heart.

Baked apples can act as a mild laxative (not fresh). Baked apples is often recommended to those who has the diagnosis of "dysbiosis". Also in the process of roasting them to form pectin, which is a great preventive remedy of tumors and facilitate withdrawal of excess cholesterol.

Plus baked apples softer, so they are allowed to eat even in the presence of gastric ulcer (fresh at this point are banned).

What is more useful

If we talk about the benefits of certain fruits as a whole, one cannot reject some and to praise others. And fresh and baked apples are good and useful. The only thing to consider is that fresh apples that you need to choose carefully.

Best of all, according to experts, buy local apples that are grown at least in Russia, is in your area. These have a maximum range of necessary nutrients.
On the shelves in stores are more common imported apples. From the energy point of view, they are less useful than local. So what are better ways to use it baked.

If you had to buy imported apples, but you are going to eat them fresh, be sure to remove them from the peel, because it contains a lot of different harmful ingredients.