Why do apples promote weight loss

This fruit is a source of iron, potassium and magnesium, and also contains large amounts of vitamin C, B6 and PP. Small Apple is 15 percent of dietary fiber, which normalize the work of digestive tract and help to retain water in the intestine.

Fiber has beneficial effects on overall health, reducing the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Apples contain polyphenols – powerful antioxidants that can return the skin youth and beauty. In addition, these fruits have a considerable amount of catechins. It is these substances that effectively burn body fat.

How to lose weight with apples: diet diet

Nutritionists do not recommend to test the organism for durability, landing him on a multi-day Apple diet. This may have a negative impact on the state of the stomach and intestines, because apples contain a large amount of fruit acids. Instead, you can try a special technique developed by Dr. Tammy Flynn.

It prompts you before every major meal to eat an Apple, which will give the body the feeling of satiety and help reduce cravings for other foods. While food allowed to consume only light and low calorie meals.

Sample menu diet for Apple diet:

Breakfast – savory oatmeal with water or steam omelets.

Lunch – 200 g low-fat cottage cheese or Cup of yogurt.

Lunch 150 g boiled chicken breast 200 g broccoli or brown rice.

Dinner – 200 g trout, steamed and a little lettuce.

Your daily diet should not exceed 1400-1500 Calories, are allowed to drink water and green tea in unlimited quantities. Half an hour before eating, you must eat one Apple of medium size. This diet, according to experts, allows to lose up to 10 kg of weight in three months.

Fasting days on apples

The day on apples, is a great opportunity to improve your health, take a break from heavy meals and lose a few extra pounds. It is recommended to arrange two Apple days in a week. You can choose the option that suits you best.

Option 1 – the day you need eat 1.5 kg of fruit in baked or fresh. You may drink water, Apple juice and green tea.

Option 2 – on the day should eat 800 grams of Apple sauce with a little honey (about 2-3 tbsp). Allowed to drink water, unsweetened stewed apples and berries.

Fasting days on apples, complemented by physical activity, help to get rid of 4 kg of excess weight within 1-2 weeks.