The apples are the Champions in the content of vitamins C, B1, B2, E, P, pectin, potassium, iron, and manganese. The composition of Apple contains chlorophyll, which helps strengthen the immune system. The presence of fiber helps to cleanse of toxins and harmful substances.

Apples in cosmetology. Apples are not in vain bear the name of "rejuvenating". Their beneficial properties are widely used in home cosmetology. If you prepare a decoction of apples, you can get a great tool for softening skin and maintaining its elasticity. Boil 50 grams of apples, 200 grams of water, add a little orange peel. Then cover with warm towel for two hours, in order to brew the real thing. Regularly wash your face with this decoction.

Mask of apples. Grate one Apple. Add one tablespoon of olive oil, mix well and apply on clean face. Rinse off after twenty minutes and apply on face nourishing cream.

Lose weight with apples. Is there any fruit that compares the caloric content of Apple. Judge for yourself - about 45 calories per 100 grams of Apple. Apples are suitable for best diet. Apart from the availability of low-calorie and a huge amount of nutrients, the Apple contains a lot of fiber. And she, in turn, helps cleanse the body of toxins. Actively incorporate apples into a variety of diets. However, the use of apples for a mono is not recommended, as the total number of necessary nutrients they contain. But for handling the day perfect. Eating apples every day, you can rejuvenate the body and delay the aging process. In addition, it will improve the condition of hair and nails. However, if the health you have is not ideal, talk to your doctor about the appropriateness of apples.

Menopause in women's life is not always quiet and asymptomatic. Besides the terrible enemy of healthy bones - osteoporosis is not asleep. Eating daily two apples, you can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.During menopause significantly reduced all metabolic processes in the body. The benefits of apples for women in this period is obvious. Eating two apples daily will reduce cholesterol levels by 16 %. Apples are actively struggling with weakness than pretend to be engineers. Very useful in cardiovascular diseases. Normalize the level of hemoglobin.

Baked apples - a great dessert that will benefit women and tame the appetite. Take the Apple, remove the core, stuff low-fat cottage cheese. Cook apples in the oven in a mess at 200 degrees temperature for 30 minutes. To make baked apples even more useful, sprinkle with cinnamon, resulting in even higher weight loss.

To apples was the most useful for women, they must correctly choose to use. The most useful apples - sobstvennogo garden or cottage. In the market you can look at trading of private owners. A check, by cutting the Apple. If you darken the flesh, so the Apple is good. Than brown, the more it iron.