Diabetes worldwide suffer millions of people. How many citizens of our country have the diagnosis, you can judge by the Register of patients with diabetes. According to the latest data, the number of cases in Russia exceeded 3 million. Doctors recommend a diet for each patient. From the menu exclude sweets, including honey, fructose, cane sugar. Fruits in the diet remain, but their use is limited.

Fruit and diabetes

Fruits in the diet of patients with diabetes are subject to strict restrictions. In any berries and the fruit contains easily digestible carbohydrates: glucose and fructose. These substances are able to quickly and strongly increase the concentration of sugar in the blood of patients with diabetes.
Easily digestible carbohydrates - fructose, sucrose, glucose - lend a sweet flavor to foods. Their chemical structure is very simple, so they are digested almost instantly.

Especially a lot of carbohydrate in bananas, grapes, dried fruit. It is their it is recommended to fully remove from the diet if elevation of blood sugar. With diabetes should not drink fruit juice. In General, any drinks from berries and fruits can raise the blood sugar of diabetes patients, so the compote and kissel limit to 250 gr. a day. Persimmon is not included in the list of forbidden diabetes fruit.

The fruit diet diabetes

Persimmon - vibrant fruit that appears on the Russian shelves in the autumn and winter season. Sweet, slightly tart taste of this fruit makes it a welcome treat for adults and children. Persimmon has a range of useful properties for the body. It includes many valuable microelements, vitamins, organic acids and antioxidants. In addition, fruit pulp is rich in vegetable protein, carbohydrates and pectin. Persimmon has a diuretic effect, it has a high energy value, helps to normalize digestion, cancer prevention and vitamin deficiencies.
There are persimmons in diabetes, but only in small quantities. This is due to the fact that the fruit is rich in glucose and fructose. These substances range from 9 to 25% of weight of fruit. How much 100 gr. pulp carbohydrates, depending on the variety of persimmon and its maturity.

Within one day the patient with diabetes can eat 100-150 grams. persimmon. In that amount of pulp contains about 10-30 grams. carbohydrates, which corresponds to 1-3 units on the system of units of bread. In that case, if the patient performs the injection of insulin before you eat, then these units need to be considered when calculating the dose of medication.
System bread units created for the approximate counting the number of carbohydrates in food. 1 bread unit is equal to 10-12 grams. carbohydrates.

There are special recommendations for using fruit in the diet of patients with diabetes. In addition to limiting the total mass of fruit and berries up to 100-300 per day, is considered important the time of intake of food. Persimmons, like other fruits should be eaten separately from main meal. This means that Breakfast, lunch and dinner it is better to do without the berries and fruits. Fruit is best to eat at tea time or brunch.

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