Diabetes is a disease in which there is an increase in blood sugar levels. This negatively affects the blood vessels, greatly increases the risk of atherosclerosis. In the end, the list of complications, can get a stroke or heart attack. Therefore diet in this disease is a very important point. It used to be that diabetes diet should avoid any fruits and even some vegetables because they are a source of carbs and sugars. Now the experts radically changed.

Fruits that you can eat with diabetes

Because diabetes can be complicated by diseases of the skin, eyes, lack of nutrients, you must eat fruits that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. To choose the right product, it is necessary to consider its glycemic index - it indicates how quickly the carbohydrates from the fruits and berries go into glucose. The best is the glycemic index of 70. If GI above 70, from eating this fruit are urged to refrain.

Low glycemic index have citrus, as an example, you can bring a lemon and a grapefruit. They are a storehouse of vitamin C and beneficial fiber. Vitamin C has a positive effect on blood vessels, promotes their strengthening.

High glycemic index have dates, bananas, sweet figs, raisins and grapes. From the diet should exclude them, to the level of glucose in the bloodstream after eating has not improved at high speed.

Vegetables that can be eaten in diabetes

Doctors believe that fresh, baked and steamed vegetables can be consumed in any quantity. With the exception of potatoes and beets. The most useful vegetable in diabetes nutritionists call cabbage. It contains a large amount of Goodies, in particular, vitamins and fiber. By drinking sauerkraut juice in patients with reduced sugar.

Eggplants are a source of minerals, significantly normalize the cholesterol levels in the blood, remove excess fluid, it prevents the formation of edema.

Of course, diabetes stays with the patient for life, but it is not a sentence. One has only to adhere to proper eating habits, enrich your diet with wholesome and permitted vegetables and fruits. If you follow the recommendations, it is possible to significantly improve the quality of life.