What is bloating?

Bloating is a discomfort that are often accompanied with cramping pains, with acute sharp pains, the emergence of burps and hiccups. This process leads to an increase in the volume of the stomach due to the accumulation of gases and liquids.

A normal amount of intestinal gases is 900-1000 milliliters, most of which comes out during bowel movements. Produced gases is the result of germs which are in the body of a healthy person. When you see the swelling volume of gases is increased to 3 liters.

The main causes of bloating

Why is there bloating? The most common reasons is considered to be:
eating gas-forming food in large quantity;
Contribute to intestinal gas, grapes, apples, cabbage, dairy products, sodas, sugar substitutes, canned juices and other products.

- ingestion of air and gases during a meal;
- intestinal dysbiosis;
- diseases of the digestive system;
- lactase deficiency;
- impaired motility of the intestine;
- congestion of blood in the intestines;
- tumors in the intestine;
- neurotic disorders;
- the onset of menstruation;
- the climax.

How to prevent bloating?

To avoid unpleasant feelings and negative consequences, it is necessary to cure the disease. First of all, we should get rid of constipation, which occur due to a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition. It is advisable to increase the amount of fluid to enrich the diet of foods with fiber, daily physical exercise, lead an active lifestyle.
Active movement speed up the metabolism, which improves the process of bowel movement.

Avoid canned beverages and foods, as they contain monosodium glutamate, excessive consumption of which can cause harm. From drinks recommended to prefer decoctions of herbs, tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, pure water.

While eating one should not rush and swallow large pieces, since the cause is the ingestion of a large amount of air, causing the stomach begins to swell. With careful chewing improves digestion, reduces the risk of bloating. Besides, slow chewing leads to more rapid saturability.

When the first signs of bloating should drink a decoction of dill seed, parsley, peppermint, pineapple juice, to chew ginger. Help to get rid of the discomfort yogurt containing probiotics.