Top 5 popular places to meet new people

Mugs. For this you need to think carefully about your new hobby. What would you like to do? Music, dancing, wrestling, origami, or some other types of creativity? In any of these areas has its own social circle in which you would be able not only to develop, but surround yourself with friends with the same interests.

The language courses. One of the excellent places where you will not only acquire the language but also to expand their circle of acquaintances outside of one country. And maybe in the future you will gain a true friend.

"Wellness" place. Take your health seriously and sign up for a pool, a gym or fitness classes. Friends in sport can give you not only the necessary communication, but also support in achieving this goal.

The world wide web. On the Internet you can find many specialized sites for Dating. By registering on them, using the convenient search you will find friends with the same interests and a similar Outlook.

Cultural events. Visit different kind of exhibitions, seminars and workshops. Such places are best suited for intimate encounters and unexpected acquaintances.

Top 8 effective ways how not to lose peace of communication

However, finding a friend is easier than to keep him and not lose. Therefore, in order to maintain friendly relations there are several ways that help to preserve the friendship.

Under any circumstances do not use friendships for personal gain.

Remember that friendship also sometimes requires rest. Don't be too Intrusive, don't stay up too late at a friend's house and don't call him too often.

Don't criticize, but try to give gentle advice.

Do not envy. The human blemish can ruin your strong friendship in just a few minutes.
I sincerely rejoice in the successes of a friend and stand by him in difficult times.

Stop thinking only about themselves and their problems. Often not worth mentioning, because if your friend is real, he will notice and support you.

Be "for" your friend in any situation, even if he's wrong. After all the negative criticism he will be able to always, but support with the words "everything will be fine, don't worry" - only soul mate.
If you devote a one of the mysteries, in any event, no rabbanite her. Because betrayal in friendship is very hard to forgive.

No offense to the other, if he has but you still circle of acquaintances, buddies and friends. Not be owners.

Do not force your friend to share with you the secrets. If he wants, then he'll tell you everything.

Take care of your real friends!