Where to find new friends

To find friends, psychologists often suggest to visit such places where you have never walked. Sign up in the pool, the gym, dancing or acting lessons. There you can meet many new people, and some of them can cause you to have sympathy.

To find a friend among colleagues. At work a person spends much of their time, and if the colleague you will bind friendships, it will make your stay in the office more enjoyable. However, too much focus on socialising in the workplace is not necessary – it can cause negative attitude of other colleagues or superiors.

To look for friends and on the Internet. There are many specialized sites of interest where you can meet like-minded people. And to renew old school friendships will help the social network.

Any casual conversation can give you a new friend. Sincerely interested in people, try to know them better and by mutual sympathy share your contacts. And don't forget to smile – this is the most effective tool for locating others.

How to pick up a friend

Friendship is a relationship built on the basis of shared interests, trust and sympathy. If the person you are, you have topics of conversation or common interests – it could be your friend.

Avoid to be too Intrusive of people – if the person at the outset does not see conventional boundaries in communication, then your relationship will only be more difficult. In addition, among these individuals it is possible to meet scammers.

Unlikely to be a good friend and a greedy person. Cheap greedy not only in money but in emotions, humanity. If your friend always gives you the right to pay in a cafe, asks for money on the telephone and cigarette is not a friend but a parasite personality.

How to develop and maintain a friendship

Acquaintance with an interesting person – this is only the first step to friendship. To become real friends, takes time. Be attentive to the person you want to see his friend genuinely be interested in his Affairs, do not forget to congratulate happy birthday and come to the rescue in the event of a problem.

Develop intellectually – people like to be friends with interesting personalities. For the development of friendly relations with new friends talk on the phone or go to each other's homes. If you have a mutual desire and ability – to organize a joint center of the city.