What is a true friend

It is believed that a true friend should help in health and in health, in wealth and in poverty, and, free of charge. And you are willing to help another person? Even if you are in the middle of night will lift the phone call, you are ready to race to the other because he was lonely? Anyway, are you ready for the presence of another person 24 hours a day?

You should not demand from others that are not able to give themselves. Every person has advantages and disadvantages. Friends accept the flaws of another person and build their relations on the basis of compromise and cooperation. But not business cooperation, and emotional.

Friends don't always share similar tastes and Hobbies. The most important thing in friendship is the commonality of views on the situation and the same position in life.

True friendship abhors envy. Many people are able to sympathize in sorrow, but be happy for the other person sincerely, without a pang of envy can a few. If you are able to it - you know how to make friends. Consequently, half the problem with your hand resolved. Left to find another of the same person.

Where to find a friend

Person learns to be friends from birth. If the family prevails a friendly relationship, and the child tries to Express to others the same friendliness. Only family members rarely become true friends. True friendship is unique because two different people realize that United and cherish these relationships.

First friends are in kindergarten. It is possible that you will carry their friendship through the years to have grey hair. But this is fairly rare.

The next stage of human life becomes the school. Here are more likely to find a true friend, who will cover the back and tell you and nothing in return asked. In school friendship is formed more consciously.

Young people are likely to find friends while serving in the army. In the army more stringent conditions. It is clear immediately who is friend and who is foe. A friendly relationship that originated in the military or at the recruiting office, likely to develop into a real friendship.

Universities and technical schools and colleges is another birthplace of true friendship. Here conditions are favourable, because students have one common passion – specialty.

In the adult friend can be found everywhere – in art gallery, Museum, restaurant, fitness centre, Internet anywhere. The main thing – not to miss this moment and this man, who can become your friend.

How to find a real friend

Define for yourself the qualities that should be possessed by your friend. Write the qualities that you have. Decide which flaws you can accept, and which not. Note their own shortcomings.

Take care of yourself. Get active, start eating right – against this background, it is possible to bond with someone who share your views.

Develop, educate yourself. Find yourself a hobby. Real friends can be. Don't look at the world is bleak and pessimistic. Openness and friendliness drawn to you.

To find a true friend is difficult, but possible. But only time will help to understand whether this person is your true friend or not.