You may prevent to meet excessive shyness. Most likely, you are too hard on yourself, often reproach myself for shortcomings. But there are no perfect people, and some features of your character not saying that all your life you spend in loneliness.
If you are afraid of the arrogance of Muscovites, feel free to leave this delusion. The Russian capital, like any other, a city of immigrants. Thousands of provincials come to the metropolis to conquer it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever reasons have not led to a reason to abandon the new friends you have definitely not.
Don't get lost! Safely tie connections where you are interested to happen. Today in Moscow very popular different sports clubs, dance clubs, yoga classes. Choose what you like. In the process of training new people purchased themselves. If you are not a stranger night life, go to the clubs. There are often themed parties, where to find friends will not be difficult.
Attend lectures, poetry readings – any event where there are public discussions. There you not only learn a lot, but also find like-minded people. Do not sit modestly in the corner, take part in the debate. Perhaps your hot opponents will soon become your friends.
Invoke the aid of the Internet. There are plenty of sites and forums where you will surely meet people who are also in need of friendship. Contrary to popular opinion, these sites are not only those looking for light entertainment and easy relationship.
Common cause, interesting work, collaborative creative activities provide opportunities for new relationships that often turn into friendships. If the day you have a lot of free time, find a lesson. For example, in Moscow a lot of organizations that require the help of benefactors. To do good thing you will be not alone, so new friends are provided.