You will need
  • Powder dye, water, a basin, vinegar, salt
Repair with skin contamination. Decide on the method of coloration of the skin.
Powder dye dilute with warm water and mix thoroughly. The mixture strain. This is necessary in order to prevent the appearance of lumps which form spots on the painted area.
Pour the dye into a saucepan, pour two liters of water and boil. Then remove the dye solution from heat and cool to 45 degrees. If the solution will have a higher temperature, the skin in contact with them will shrink, lose strength and elasticity.
Soak the skin in warm water for a few hours. The skin should be well wet, otherwise ill wet areas will remain not dyed. To determine if a well is wet, the string of bubbles that when there is insufficient moisture out of the pores.
Pour the dye into a bowl, the size of which will make it easy to hold leather. Skin, remove from water, wring and place in a bowl with the solution. The surface should be completely covered with dye. In addition, from time to time the product should be turned upside down. This will allow the paint to lay evenly.
Painting will be complete when the dye has cooled. Press the skin and rinse in warm, then in cold water. Continue to rinse until the water drained from the product is clear.
Secure the paint. For this purpose prepare a solution. Take one liter of water, Cup of vinegar and one tablespoon of salt. Mix the components. Place the skin in this solution.
Press and place the product on a wooden Board face up. Soon the product will dry out and will give you an updated look.