Prepare the silage of finely ground fresh grassy plants by method of fermentation without air. For this fit green stems of sunflower, corn, artichoke, non-poisonous weeds, vines and small fruits vegetable crops. A good product is obtained by mixing the various types of green feed. To cabbage, beet, carrot leaves should be added nettle, clover, alfalfa. Preferably juicy crops before ensiling slightly podvyalit, this will reduce the acidification of the product. When cooking a full succulent feed important time of harvesting of crops for silage. Grains put them in the stage of wax ripeness of grain, grasses in the phase of earing.
To prepare silage containers: wooden boxes or plastic drums lined with brick, cemented, or simply with thick polyethylene film pit depth of 1-2 meters. The bottom of the silo cover with straw. Being siloed ground finely grind, the particle size of the cutting – 30-50 mm, to lay layers in the tank. Each layer pour salt in koliste 2-3% of the green mass, pour sour milk (1-3 liters per 1 ton of weight), you can add molasses (if ensile plants with a little sugar), good seal. Prepare the cutting in the trough, porubov grass sharp bayonet shovel or special cleaver. A more modern method – the use of household shredders feed.
When the warehouse is fully complete, 0.5−0.7 m above the surface of the earth, it is hermetically close to neo was almost out of air. Cover the cutting with foil, roofing material, pit fill layer of soil in 10 cm pay Special attention to the edges, the layer of earth on the perimeter do 15-20 cm in the Winter from freezing, insulate them with straw. Barrels, boxes, close the lids, you can cover them with clay for reliability. Store at a temperature of 1-3°C. the better the compacted mass and carefully sealed storage, the better will the finished product.