How to make the mash

Muscovy ducks are unpretentious in food. In nature they feed on vegetable food, insects. At home in the summer they can keep grazing the grass, they digest food with high fiber. Happy to eat worms and other insects, which are abundant in moist soil near water. Grows in ponds duckweed is a nutritious food, the ducks eat it in large quantities.

Fast weight gain musk ducks from the feed of crushed grain mixture and cooked potatoes. To prepare the mash of grain and mashed vegetables: cucumbers, zucchini, beets, carrots. Fed the bird crushed corn. Barley and peas pre-soaked. Swollen bean should scroll in a meat grinder and add to the main feed, it contains useful for the ducks lecithin. Muscovy ducks do not refuse from beet tops, cabbage leaves, nettle.

The presence of the reservoir is desirable, but not essential. Muscovy ducks are perfectly happy without the voyage, it is enough to put a bucket or trough with water to drink. In the winter the ducks put dry grain: wheat, oats, corn. Prepare a mash of boiled vegetables, steamed chopped hay. One adult eats 300 g of food and drinks 1 liter of water per day. In summer, the grain foods can be reduced by 50%.

Mineral supplements

The diet must contain vitamin and mineral complex, it affects the meat quality, increases egg production and improves hatchability of eggs. You should give the bird chalk, egg shell, shell in the form of sleet, especially in winter. Useful for birds, fish oil, dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese. To improve appetite of mash lightly add some salt, in an amount of 0.7% by weight of dry feed. For good digestion the ducks needed the stones. In winter, when the bird is on pasture, she should be provided with crushed granite.

The ducklings in the first few days give chopped hard-boiled egg, bird feed, porridge from cereals. In the weekly mixed age in food: chopped greens; cheese; bread soaked in milk; waste meat, finely chopped; bran. Feed them small portions, but often, 4-5 times a day. Monthly feed 3-4 times a day, an adult bird was transferred to a two-single feeding. Food should be fresh, not soured.

The contents indotec no problems. The bird is perfectly winters in unheated shed on a thick bed. It needed a perch of logs, piled in disorder. In the summer, the bird didn't fly, you can cut the wings.