You will need
  • Cardboard, batting, fabric, jewelry.
To cut out the headdress will need the following: to make a dense, but flexible cardboard, which holds its shape well, doesn't break and cuts well with scissors. Also prepare a padded material, batting or wadding, beautiful plain or colored fabric of medium thickness, elastic, beads, beads, rhinestones.
Then you need to measure your head from ear to ear. Draw on the cardboard a half circle, given the measure taken. From all obtained line right and left to carry out additional lines perpendicular to the circumference, to defer to them 7-8 inches. To connect the resulting points by a curve that is strictly parallel to the semicircle, which was drawn at the beginning.
Cut out the resulting pattern. The headdress should be cut from the cardboard. Then cut the same part from a padded material (polyester batting or cotton batting). Attach quilted detail to a cardboard details light stitches along the edges and in the middle to avoid unnecessary movement.
To find the size of the headdress, and two parts of fabric. The edges to make a seam two inches. Stitch detail on the sewing machine at the top circumference and bottom straight lines. To turn out, sweep out the edges and iron. Basting thread to remove. Insert the cardboard part of the headdress attached batting to the cover fabric. Carefully hem inside open sections, tightly encircle the headdress. The batting should located on the front of the headdress.
Then, you should decorate the headdress with lace, beads, rhinestones. All this is to sew the headdress carefully, with small stitches, stitching the product through and through. It is seated on the head to the lower end of the head band to attach the elastic band.