Indispensable that requires every day was all Laundry detergent. Its active ingredients are doing great with the Laundry, however, being sprayed in the air, remaining in the tissues and penetrating the skin, they are harmful to health. The West has long studied this issue and began to use eco-friendly detergents, have a safe composition. Some of these powders you can buy in us.

The most common type of Allergy to household chemicals – a reaction to washing powder.

Harm regular powders

In our country launched production of washing powders under the brand name of global brands (Henkel, P&G), containing anionic surface-active substances (surfactants) and phosphates in high concentrations. A-PAV is the main acting component of the powder, which upon contact with the skin, it is absorbed through the bloodstream, distributed to tissues, accumulates in them, changes the composition of the blood and lowers the immune system. For the security of the powder anionic surfactant should be less than 3-5%. But in most sold powders and-contains surfactants 5-15%. Phosphates enhance the adverse effects of a-surfactants on the human body and pollute the environment. Harmful optical brighteners. They remain on the clothes after rinsing, and create the illusion of clean underwear. In contact with skin can cause irritation.
Rinse in hot water, because the surfactants and phosphates at a temperature below 50°C are practically not removed.

Powders can be organic

Today in Europe and the United States in the production of detergents and surfactants replace the biodegradable surfactant or cosurfactant that are extracted from glucose and alcohols, chemical fragrances – natural essential oils, and phosphates – natural substance sodium disilicate that increase the efficiency of washing.

In the Russian market has established itself as a safe washing detergent Frosch. This eco-friendly powder German brand does not contain harmful surfactants, bleaching agents and phosphates. Ideal for families with children and Allergy sufferers. At the request of the manufacturer and reviews Russian Housewives all household cleaning products, are very effective agents that are safe for humans and the environment.

Another German Amoroso – Frau Helga. It is also hypoallergenic, completely dissolved in water, contains no phosphates, and rinse well. The contents of a-surfactants – less than 5%.

Russian design – environmental friendly concentrated Laundry detergent for colored Laundry company Faberlic. All components of this powder of vegetable origin. It also does not contain phosphates, and surfactants derived from palm oil.

At first glance, safe washing powders are expensive, but this is a misconception, because they are very concentrated and add to the wash requires very little. Thus, one bundle of caporossi is always longer than usual.