Depends on what quality of washing powder

The quality of the powder depends on the amount of active additives, as well as the percentage of ballast and surfactants. As experts say, it is better to use 100 g of an expensive than 200 g cheap.

In cheap powder contains a large percentage of sulphate of sodium, which has no effect. Ideally, the granules of washing powder needs to adhere to each other with a difference of humidity, and not to crumble.

You may notice that cheap powder poorly soluble in water of any temperature. Hand-washing is especially noticeable. But it is worth noting that when machine-washed, you can see the sodium sulfate, which is very bad and is reused with dark color things, leaving white spots.

A good washing powder

Losk, Tide, Persil, Ariel and other expensive powders can be attributed to the very effective, because they do an excellent job with the dirt, and the reviews on them are neutral or positive. Of course, not all the Housewives come to the delight from these powders, but the market they occupy a leading position in terms of sales.

Unfortunately, even expensive powders, the consumption of which is minimal, can not cope with all pollutants, as shown in the advertisement. Stains from chocolate, jam, berries, juices and colors you need to prewash with soap or apply a stain remover. If you erase manually the effect and without it will be noticeable.

Cheaper powders, namely "Myth", "Lotus", "Sortie" and similar to consist of a large number of additives at minimum surfactant concentration. The effect of washing there, but the consumption of resources is large enough. Basically, if you want to save money, you can try.

If you are looking for a powder that washes perfectly, please note that capsules or gels are not as good as talking about them on TV. Yes, they retain the bright color, but with stains handle no matter, so do not chase novelties.

And of course, the baby clothes need to be washed with the appropriate detergent, which added a special components that can cope with stains from chocolate, paint, juice, etc. Also keep in mind that water in different regions and even within the same city differs in hardness, so some Housewives can praise a specific powder, and others - on the contrary. Try to experiment, sooner or later you will choose the means that suits you!