A wide range of powders and at least a price range of detergents allows moms and dads to choose the optimum powder for any budget. But it is necessary to look not only on the brand and price of the product, it is important to consider the composition of the powder, in order to deal with the manifestations of Allergy in the child.

What requirements must meet washing powder

Washing powder should be effective to defeat even the toughest stains and take away from the tissue juice, ink etc. shall be as safe as possible for the health little man. We must not forget that the powder, even the most gentle must maintain the quality of the linen.
It is important that the scent of money was quite soft and unobtrusive – a strong smell for kids is not good.

Choosing a baby powder, it is necessary to read carefully the information specified on the package. Ideally it should be the inscription "From the first days of life", then the powder can be used for washing things newborn. It is important that the composition was hypoallergenic, then the products will be suitable even for sensitive skin or tendency to Allergy.

Optimal washing powder for baby Laundry needs to be done on the soap solution – it acts gently on clothes. It is best if the composition be the minimum amount of surfactant, if possible, you should choose a detergent without surfactants. Rate the content of the surfactant in baby powder is not more than 35 %.

Requirements powder for baby clothes

Handy when washing powder eliminates the need for additional bleaching of linen, use of air conditioning. If you want to kid clothing was sparkling clean, choose a tool with bleach. For children are more suitable oxygen bleaches, they are great with stains. Optical substances are undesirable because they form on the surface of the washed things invisible film. It can cause allergic reactions.
Washing powder must be suitable for your machine – an automatic agitator type or for manual wash.

To buy washing powder for the washing of preferably brands tested. Where to buy tools recommended in pharmacies or large supermarkets. So there is less risk that you will encounter fakes. When choosing a powder for washing baby clothes will appreciate the integrity of the packaging and of course shelf life of products.