How to treat hair with lye soap

Once tar soap helped soldiers to deal with head lice, scabies and other skin problems that occur due to insufficient hygiene in the harsh wartime. The time has passed. More attractive and fragrant cleansers pushed the "black" counterpart in the far corner. And it's so unfair and certainly undeserved, because the soap is perfectly struggling with dandruff and seborrhea. Strengthens hair follicles while hair loss and enriches hair roots with vitamins. How correctly to carry out the procedure of hair treatment?

In order for the maximum benefit to handle the hair, there is no need much to RUB with soap. For this purpose it is necessary to separately whip the soap into foam and have it handle wet hair and roots. You should use your fingertips to gently RUB the foam into the scalp for seven or ten minutes. Wash hair only with warm water, not hot. Best of all at the end of the procedure rinse hair in water, further acidified with lemon or vinegar.

How to treat skin tar soap

Being an excellent antiseptic, soap based on natural birch tar can help in solving many skin problems. For example, in his power to cope with acne, acne, dermatitis, shingles.

Use tar soap for people with very dry and flaky skin is recommended with caution. After washing, required treatment with a moisturizing cream.

The beneficial properties of coal-tar soap can be used to cleanse the skin (back). Especially effective is this remedy for shiny oily skin with deep pores.

For cleansing, you need to lather hands and move the lather to the face. Distribute it carefully, without affecting the eyelids and lips. Wet fingertips dipped in baking soda and start doing them in a circular motion on the face. The composition will work like a scrub. After this "massage" the skin is properly cleansed, pores narrowed. Should wash with warm water.
Repeat the soap-soda cleansing oily skin (back) should be no more than twice a week.

Of particular importance is the washing with lye soap places of bedsores in bedridden patients. Only a few such procedures and sore place and the wounds heal, the skin becomes healthier. In addition, the tar helps to restore blood flow to the skin.

As component tar soap successfully fights various skin infections, pustular lesions of different origin and is an aggressive tool, it can be a great benefit to apply for hygiene of the intimate area. When the micro-cuts while shaving processing this tool will not allow the wounds to fester, and they quickly tightened.