Soap, as an antiseptic.

Of all hygiene soap is the most effective. With its help it is possible to remove not only bacteria, but also chemical compounds, for example, oil paint. Soap is the safest antiseptic, so it is used for cleaning in a nursing homes and hospitals. In emergencies, doctors have used this soap as "surgical gloves." In this case, lather hands with soap up to a rich lather and wait for its drying. Due to the fact that it does not contain unnecessary additives, this soap is recommended to wash baby clothes.

- If you regularly rinse your toothbrush with water and soap and foam no rinse, letting it dry, then the toothbrush will last much longer than usual.

Application in cosmetology

- Eczema is recommended to be soared with a broom soaked in a solution of soap. The skin is cleansed, toned and healthy.
Modern composition piece of soap found in 1808, thanks to the invention of the French chemist Michel eugène Chevrel.

- Upon the occurrence of dandruff on the head apply the mask of foam, whipped out of soap. After rinsing the foam, the hair should be rinsed with citric acid.
- If the skin pimples, acne is recommended twice a week wash your face with soap. Then the skin should be lubricated with cream.

In folk medicine

From cracked feet and calluses, make the bath of a mixture of baking soda and the grated soap. In the treatment of small wounds and cracks, burns and scratches washed the wound with soap and leave to dry. After that, the wound does not fester and heal quickly.
- When injuries cause the foam from soap and allow it to dry.
In the composition of the soap contains 72% of fatty acids and a large amount of alkali.Due to this, its PH is 11-12 units.

- To prevent fungal diseases. After visiting the public baths, swimming pools need to treat the foot and the space between the fingers.
- For the prevention of diseases and acute infections early in the disease. To do this, wash your nose with soap.
- If inflamed ear pierced, you need to grate the soap on a grater, mix it with onion juice and applied to the wound. In the same way and treated the sores with soap.

Soap has only one drawback - not a particularly pleasant smell. However, this is an indication that there are no chemical fragrances. Real soap, now undeservedly forgotten, is an indispensable helper in everyday life.