The traditional gifts are cotton wedding

Calico wedding so named not by accident. Cotton – the material is thin, easily torn, and family life, in the first year it is just beginning and have not had time to get stronger. Husband and wife get used to each other, studying the character and habits of their second halves, frequent petty quarrels and misunderstanding.
Celebration cotton wedding in the future may become a good tradition. You can annually get together with his entire family.

As the name suggests, on our first family holiday give gifts of cotton. Very symbolic, if the husband will give wife embroidered cotton shawl or Cape. Parents and friends can give a young couple a gift of linen, silk blanket, towels, tablecloths, embroidered handkerchiefs and other pleasant things. The young couple can even give each other clothing of cotton: dress wife and husband, for example, a shirt.

Usually, in the first year of family life is waiting the appearance of the baby, therefore, it is appropriate to give a piece of calico, as they say, "diaper".

Original gifts

Gifts for first wedding anniversary does not have to be "calico". Will depart from the customs and traditions, make a exclusive gift, perhaps, with his own hands.

One spouse may make a collage, suitable photos from the wedding or done during your visits. For a festive dinner you will remember pleasant moments of your life as you were preparing for the wedding and the solemn day when you became husband and wife.

A great gift idea would be a joint photo shoot of a young family. Like any shared activity is further brought together by the spouses, making a little variety in life, and simply entertain. Great if the family already had a child, then he will also participate with their parents, and make shooting more fun and livelier.
Certainly, to commemorate the first anniversary of the wedding will stay warm, good memories.

As a gift to make beautiful and original greeting card that is decorated in a wedding theme. This card can be made in the form of hearts, rings and flowers using all the same wedding photos. To finish use ribbon, ribbons, beads and rhinestones. In addition, you can give the couple the album, made in the technique of scrapbooking.

Whichever gift you gave to the couple or to each other, the main thing that it was sincere, with love and from the heart.