What is different registration from the registration

As contrary to constitutional human right to freedom of movement, residence as such was abolished in 1993. It was replaced by mandatory registration which may be temporary or permanent. The first is called "at the place of stay", the second "place of residence", that's it and continue to call residence.

According to the law "On the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to freedom of movement", any person, who arrived in Russia or living on its territory, must register, register or the old register at their permanent residence or where he is temporarily.

If a person came to the family, he must obtain temporary registration at their address, if came to rest, is by the address where he rented a room. It is believed that there are no restrictions permanent or temporary registration has not, and, under the law, when applying for a job, the employer is not entitled to put a condition on the mandatory registration.
Recently, the Federal migration service has drafted a bill abolishing all types of registration, including at his residence. In 2014 it is planned to submit this law to the State Duma for consideration.

What the law says and how it is actually

In article 65 of the Labor code clearly assigned a list of documents that the employer must provide employees, job seekers. Among them: a passport or any other identity document; work-book; pension insurance certificate; military service documents military records; and documents about the obtained education.

The law expressly prohibits employers to require any other documents. Article 64 of the labour code says that at the conclusion of the employment contract must not directly or indirectly limit the rights of the employee or, depending on sex, age, or race, or, depending on place of residence.

But, in practice, some employers take a direct violation of the law and even indicated in the announcements to work registration requirements at the place of residence.
This is particularly common in the capital and Moscow region.

The reluctance to hire non-resident, unfortunately, impossible to prove, if you just do not answer to the sent summary or deceived, and promised to contact after the interview.