You will need
  • • Stand for aromapack and the sticks;
  • • For resins, incense and herbs - incense burner, sand and coal;
  • • Stand unsupported for sticks, cones, barrels and spirals;
  • • Aroma lamp, warm water and a candle.
The most common form of incense is incense sticks on bamboo base. These sticks are mainly manufactured in China or India. They are made with the use of bamboo straws, which is immersed first in the aromatic mixture, and then in the aromatic oil. The aromatic compound may include shavings of the fragrant trees (sandalwood, juniper, etc.), crushed herbs and essential oils. Buying a stick, be careful. As for the manufacture of their cheaper variants, often use synthetic essential oils, which give nothing except a strong smell. To burn incense sticks, set fire to her and gently blow out to smouldering without flame. Better to buy a stand for the sticks, as when burned, they fall to the ground in ashes.
Another type of incense is the coal sticks or cones. The aroma of these sticks is not mixed with the scent of burning bamboo, but they are more fragile and their application requires special supports.
There are also incensewhich is called "plasticine". Binder base for herbs and essential oils in these spicesx is ghee, honey, or resin of aromatic trees. Among these rarer incense is not natural, and to attach them to any surface. In India they are popular in the markets and streets.
Cones and barrels are pressed herbs and shavings of fragrant trees. It is the most natural and comfortable type of incense. Stand under them may be any flat candle holder or bowl that can withstand heat. The ashes from such spice does not fly, but remains on the stand.
Incense in the form of resins (frankincense, myrrh etc.) or bulk ground herbs require special incense burners. Incense burners, most often, represent the bowl on a low sheath (metal, stone or clay). Sometimes they are closed with a lid with holes, and sometimes they are suspended (e.g., spoon). To burn solid or granular incense, need to take a censer, fill it sand or coarse salt (half volume), on the sand to put a special carbon tablet which is ignited. Coal tablets, more often, processed nitrate to charcoal easy light up from the offered matches. Otherwise, the coal is sprayed with alcohol and then set on fire. Incense in a censer is thrown on a hot coal. In this case it is better not to overdo it with the perfume of the same incense only need a couple of seeds. Herbs should be crushed into a powdery state. If the grass is a little thick then it is better to grind in a mortar.
In addition, as liquid incense used essential oils of herbs and trees. We can not do without lamps. Now, however, they are produced in large numbers, for every taste and budget. In a container of fragrance lamp pour a little warm water and drip a few drops of essential oil. Remains to burn the tea light, which is located under the bowl of the burner.