First, pick a suitable yarn for knitting. Best of all, it was cotton with elastane, then the product will hold its shape. Depending on the size, you will need 200-250 grams of yarn.
Start knitting from the cups to the top of the swimsuit. Usually they are knit in the form of an isosceles triangle, starting at the top and gradually adding the columns.
The cups of the swimsuit be sure to duplicate lining. This will make the product more aesthetic and hygienic. For pads take a piece of fabric supplex or fine knit. Lining color should exactly match the color of thread. Although you can try another alternative – tie swimsuit crochet from colorful threads and put on a contrasting lining.
That swimsuit bra is not stretched, do not forget at the sides to pave the gum. You can use an ordinary hat band, but much more aesthetically pleasing swimsuit will look great, if you can harness its parts thread spandex (also called rubber or silicone thread).
Proceed to the manufacture of the straps of the bra. You can link them in the form of cords from the columns without nakida, but this option is suitable only for those who have very small Breasts. Those who are more curvy, it is recommended as straps to use hat elastic you want to tie the thread of which is the swimsuit.
Left to tie the bottoms to the swimsuit. The easiest way to do this: take a basis suitable for you in size and style panties and knit simple columns, focusing on them as a pattern. Start top, it is convenient to put the elastic in the front row.
To make your swimsuit look elegant, use finishing materials such as crystals, beads or sequins.