You will need
  • - cotton thread crochet;
  • - the hook on the thickness of the threads;
  • - cm tape.
Remove the measurements. You need to know 2 bust. One scoop is removed at the most prominent part, the cm passes through the centers of the mammary glands, under the arms and in the middles of the blades. The second measurement is removed under the Breasts. With this line you will begin work. Measure also the height from the bottom line to the convex part and the overall height. Measure the distance to a smaller bust from the middle of the distance between the Breasts to the middle of the sides.
Tie crochet rectangle approximately 6x5 cm columns without nakida, repeat with him all those manipulations that are normally conducted with a knitted products: wash and iron. When you crochet the size of the product after washing and Stripping usually change slightly, but in this case, the product is tight fitting shape, so it is best to take into account the weight of nuances.
Calculate the number of loops and knit chain of air loops in accordance with a smaller bust. Make 1 loop on the instep and knit a few rows of columns without nakida.
Find the middle of the row and mark it. Measure from this point the width of the cups in one and the other side and also mark. The cups are knitted separately. From the beginning of the series davaite to the middle, then flip the work and doverite to the mark width. Much depends on the size of the breast. If it is small, the loop in the first row can not be added. For cups large size on the first after the main strips of row in every 3, 4 or 5 column 2 provarite. Remember, how many loops you added.
Begin to diminish the loop from the second row of cups. This can be done in several ways - for example, to dobesilate rows on the last 2 column or purl 2 columns along each side. From the openings, this must be done through a number, and by the middle of the front - depending on what form of neckline you want. You can also subtract columns across a row, but acceptable and 3. Subtract loops and center - for example, promazyvaya together in 3 columns across the row. As a result, you will get something like the gathered bottom of the triangle.
Tie a Cup to the desired height. You must have a number of columns 5-8. If the hinges got more, adjust their quantity, provata a few of the bars 2 in one. Then knit the strap. It runs straight strip of a length to be able to tie or zip up. It may be a continuous strap without buckle. She joins the second end to the top of the other Cup. The second Cup fit similarly.
Fill the bottom. To open this leotard bodiceand will be enough, but the topic can be longer. Go back to the number with which you started. Direct link the canvas to the desired length. You can close off knitting in the round, but then the columns perform better for the back wall.
The bodice can be no closure. Then it is necessary to sew the back seam. To connect items and hook, in this case it is even more preferable. Will look very good and lightning.