How to squisiti milk in the yogurt maker

To make home-made curd, first we need to squisiti milk. The good, thick yogurt turns out of solid rustic product. Get it from the farmer or at the market from a reputable supplier. In a pinch you can use pasteurized milk in packages. Pour it in the pan of the food metal and heat to 35-40oC, but in any case, do not let it boil.

Then warm milk to put leaven. You can use pharmacy calcium chloride (at the rate of 5 ml per Cup) or special bacterial starter, such as VIVO (1 vial 1-3 l). When you use a store-bought product, carefully read the manual of use. As a homemade starter will also fit the heated fermented baked milk, sour cream or warm with natural yogurt without fruit additives (0.5 cups per 1 liter).
If you are confident in the quality of natural milk, first boil it, then cool to 35-40oC. After that it can be used for making cheese.

Mix well the milk and pour it in the container of the yogurt maker. Close all the filled tanks, install them in the device and close the cover. Turn on the yogurt maker for 4 hours, then let it stand with the containers inside it is off for 4-5 hours. After this time open the lid and tilt the device – it will help you to ensure that the contents of the cups thickened.

The cottage cheese in the yogurt maker: the final stage of cooking

After fermentation of milk you have to separate the cheese flakes from the whey. To do this, pour the curdled milk in a saucepan and heat on a water bath to approximately 60-70 o C (do not boil!). You can put in hot water the containers if convenient. In the process of heating fermented milk product at least two to three times his mix.

The pan (or containers) with heated fermented milk, put in very cold water to cool quickly. If you did everything correctly, the serum should be rapidly separated from cheese flakes. Set on a large pot a strainer or colander, lay two layers of clean cheesecloth and strain the yogurt. When the liquid has drained, you'll have delicate curd.
Optionally, you can add in cottage cheese, berries, fruit slices, jam, puree or other flavorings. However, this should be done immediately before use of the product.

To obtain a granular product form a gauze bag and hang it over the dishes to fully drain the whey. Ready treat you can freeze for future use, store it in the refrigerator compartment nutritionists permitted only within two days.