Diamonds and fire

The astrologers of different schools and directions can't come to a consensus about who is most suitable diamond, but no one argues with the fact that it was someone from the "fiery Trinity". Representatives of the zodiac signs of the fire element, namely Leo, Aries and Sagittarius get from this beautiful stone shelter and protection. The most common opinion that diamonds should be worn by the Rams. The stone strengthens their courage and fearlessness, quenching the anger and irritability.
In the early twentieth century, international Association of jewelers compiled and approved a list of stones and their corresponding zodiac signs.

On the other hand, the Lions are diamonds is recommended as amplifiers of natural bounty and generosity, characteristic of this sign. These stones help the Lions to achieve your goals, do not despair mid-way.

The diamonds are in a situation with Sagittarius work mitigating social factors. They allow the archers easier to communicate with other zodiac signs, less annoying, not to lose interest in your conversation partner after a couple of standard phrases. So this stone is highly recommended to buy those archers whose life and career depend on their social skills.

Diamonds and other signs of the zodiac

Diamonds may be suitable not only for fire signs. Of course, to a lesser extent, but they fit the triad of the earth, especially Capricorn. This is a sign that they help to focus the ambitions to succeed and to dampen negative emotions. However, it is believed that Capricorn should wear jewelry with this stone from case to case and not wear them constantly.

If we talk about the air signs, you need to mention the Scales. Scales diamond fit, actually working companion. A similar energy structure enables the stone to maintain the Scale in a stable, balanced state.
Choose pure stones free of defects are cut out can be any, as long as the stone was clear, beautiful and perfect. Do not buy adornment for the record, it will not bring you the desired result.

As for those who do not acquire the diamond jewelry, the list is headed by Fish. This zodiac sign should avoid overly influential, active stones, which can stifle their own energy.

Choosing the diamond jewelry, remember, one large stone is stronger than a scattering of small. It is advisable to buy jewelry whose design allows the diamond to come into contact with your skin. The annular rim without a metal underlay for stone, design and suspension, not to cover the whole stone with one hand – all this will allow the diamond to fuel you through the contact.