The biggest mistake when choosing a gift is when you give not what you like to the partner and what you like. A gift that will be madly in love you may not cause absolutely no emotions in your girl. So you need to understand what is really she wants. The choice of gift also depends on the financial possibilities, because it can be quite a small gift, and the apartment is in the center of Moscow.

In addition, in New year all wait for a miracle, so the gift can be unusual and original, and this is often not need to spend too much money. As they say, the best gift is a gift made with your own hands. Actually, girls are much more important than the very fact of attention, than the expensive gift. Therefore man can do something with their hands. For example, if you have knowledge of graphic programs, you can make a calendar of the coming year, placing there sharing photos and highlighting memorable dates. Such work can be printed in a photo Studio.

If the girl is not sitting on constant diets and has a sweet tooth, you can make a sweet gift. To do this, decorate with tinsel and fir branches to hang your favorite candy girls. Also you can hang in there and a few trinkets.

Not less important are the usual gifts that we receive every year is a lot of soft toys, shower kits, cosmetics, perfumes, clothes.

A good gift will be a big Christmas ball, which caused your joint photo. To make a gift original is quite simple, is enough to put a memorable photo on absolutely any thing. You can use not only photos, but, for example, lines of favorite songs, quotes, aphorisms or philosophical statements like that beloved.

Now there is a special Studio in which any image, picture, and words are applied almost on any subjects. Therefore, if a girl loves beautiful tableware, you can give a set of dishes or a tea set, which depicts or her favorite character or actor, or photos of, any significant dates, significant places, in short, everything that is memorable and meaningful for her or for both of you.