Watch the entire history of your interests and Hobbies. What were you interested in as a child? Can be painted, sculpted, photographed, wrote stories that evening told my grandmother. It is possible, you proved yourself in a completely different sphere: I opened my "store" and traded as Tom Sawyer, bright stones and rubber balls. Or spend days fiddling in the garden side by side with her mother and with trepidation watched grow in the garden marigolds. Somewhere in these children's amusements and lie buried in the worries of youth and adult years, your talents and abilities. It remains only to unearth that talent and not bury it in the ground.
Gradually start trying out different classes, do not hesitate possible their childishness. If you liked early to come up with different games then maybe you lost a cool teacher? If you climbing on a birch tree, drawing in pencil surrounding types, try now to pick up some art supplies: even though the new Shishkin of you fail, you can always design your own home or the infield. The main thing - not to fear, not to stay and try, try, try.
Note the traits of your character. Of course, in their own eyes and in the eyes of those around you - the whole image, which does not need to divide it into its component parts. But the introspection in this situation, you can greatly help. You are active and easily find common language with people? You are probably missing a real trader (and not have to wince: to buy and sell with the mind must also be able). You perceive the surrounding nature as an artistic image? Describe it in verse. Always proceed from yourself, not from the standards and prejudices that you're under pressure from society. Your life you first live for yourself.
Having worked in a particular area, wait for court. Though society should not dictate to you which way to go, in his opinion still need sometimes to listen. There are a lot of smart people, professionals, whose advice can be very helpful. Don't think that if your family liked your paintings, they really are brilliant. Refer to the professional artists and art historians: they will appreciate your masterpieces more or less objectively. Do not despair if the score is negative. It just means that you are his true talent has not yet dug, and dug someone else's and try it for yourself to hang.
What would you do and how to be successful or not, there is one thing that will tell you for sure: here it is, yours. This thing is an inspiration. It should always be, when it comes to true art (the art here is understood in a broad sense: and repair of gas burners can be considered art). With inspiration art begins; it rests on the diligence, perseverance and love. So - go ahead, and success to you!