First and foremost, work on the plant is a risk. Employees of industrial enterprises need to be prepared for harmful conditions and a high level of hazards. In addition, not all satisfied with strict control. In large factories the practice of registration of arrival/leaving, entrance security has the right to inspect personal belongings in the shops of the cameras. For employees of established dress code, ethical and corporate standards.

The next disadvantage is partly and planning. Due to the large volume of standards, regulations and deadlines, there is no way to plan your work schedule. General bustle and scale of the objectives does not allow employees to Express individuality.

Another problem is the bureaucracy. For approval of any document must collect the signatures of several employees that can take a long time. In some plants, the administration spends resources on advertising and promotion of the produced goods and thus saves on wages of workers. For working professions practiced the schedule of work in shifts and at night. There is a possibility to work overtime (evening meetings, work weekends to complete a rush order).


But, in addition, working in a large enterprise, there are also positive sides. The main advantage of working at the plant is stability. Fixed working hours and a stable salary is the cornerstone of confidence in the future. In addition, in the production of a clear structuring of the functions and departments, and employees only perform their duties.

Also a strong argument "for" is the benefits package. It can include a variety of medical services, free meals, company vehicles, paid sick leave, and educational leave. In most plants there is a Union that provides workers financial assistance: for example, in the form of compensation for the kindergarten, travel, payments in case of weddings or funerals.

In addition, there are factory clinic, camp sites, recreation camps and 13th salary. In addition, a big plus is the professional training of employees, the opportunity to obtain additional education or to improve their skills at the expense of the employer. Due to the training and due to the fact that the staff of the plant is large, it increases the prospect of career growth. A lot of posts and a chance to take a respectable place increases. Even if you worked at the plant for some time, decide that this is not for you - working experience in major well-known companies is always a good point in the summary.