You will need
  • - watermelon;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - cutting Board.
Washed the fruit, put upright in the bowl. Cut him with the tip with the tail and set aside. Cut the slice of fruit together with the peel and give the household. Not eaten a piece of watermelon cover with a top and store in the refrigerator.
Cut an oblong watermelon on its Equatorial parts, and then the upper part cut in half. Put a quarter of the fruit pulp on a cutting Board, divide in half and slice the watermelon in neat pieces. Lay the slices on a tray or dish.
Round watermelon cut into four parts. The bottom quarter cut off part of the peel so that it stood steadily on the tray. With a knife separate the pulp and, without removing it from the peel, cut into pieces. Pull slices alternately in different directions are cutting in a vase.
Cut the watermelon in half along the equator, place the fruit cut on a platter. Slice berries, swiping a knife from the top down, slightly rounding out the cut. When you take pieces of watermelon, and the rest will be folded like a fan.
Make a watermelon basket for fruit salad. On the skin of the tip of a knife draw a line in the middle of it up, draw two parallel lines for future handles. Complete the required sections, the upper edge of the basket, decorate with cloves, a spoon remove the pulp. Make a fruit salad using watermelon pulp, and fill the cart with dessert.
Show imagination, you can cut watermelon in the shape of a boat or bird. Mark on the skin the desired pattern. Follow the cuts along the contours, gently remove the excess rind with pulp. When you run a complex figure cut the watermelon into small chunks so as not to damage remaining part. For eating watermelon sculptures give guests a dessert spoon.