You will need
  • - cabbage;
  • - a large cutting Board, hardwood;
  • - a knife with a wide blade, sharp.
Take a thick head of cabbage, remove outer leaves, wash it and clean if necessary external defects of head: black spots, cuts, etc. The taste of the finished dish is influenced primarily by the variety of cabbage. For pickling cabbage, for example, take the late-ripening varieties, juicy, firm and crisp.
Cut the cabbage in half. You can do it differently, but it will be correct to cut it from the cobs. If the cut on the other hand, the cabbage with the shredder will break up the leaves and cut each leaf separately – wasting time and effort.
Then cut the cabbage halves in half for another fork, and if necessary, wedges can be cut even in half, so that the Kale chips were a length of 5-7 cm Try to keep the slices of cabbage are not scattered, but remained tight.
Holding the hand of plugs from the stalk, begin to shred the free end of the thin strips of width 3 mm. wider strips will need longer to cook or fry, or they will take longer to settle.
Chop cabbage sometimes have large volumes, for example, when the ferment for the winter. Fixtures for fast cutting of cabbage invented by the ancestors, some of them you use today. But in a modern house more often to get a more modern device - a special grater, slicer or food processor.All these devices allow to cut food thin strips, to adjust the slicing thickness, and eventually accelerate the process of shredding cabbage. In all cases you need the cabbage first to prepare for the shredder. Cut it into such pieces that will be comfortable to shred on a special grater or lower in the receiving hole of the harvester.
If you shred the cabbage in a food processor, cut the first stalk, so the hard part was not included in the shredded cabbage. You need to be aware that the chopping in a food processor will make the result less standard. This is the fastest way, and most of it is good for slicing cabbage for stewing or soup.