Marbled beef is the most expensive in the world

The average price of beef in Russia does not exceed 500 rubles per kilogram, so it is hard to imagine that on the planet there are people willing to buy cow meat at the price of over a thousand dollars per kilogram. However, these buyers are more than enough, and such a high price they pay for the most expensive meat in the world – marbled beef.
High-value marbled beef is not only a complex technology of cultivation of cows, and that cow's carcass not so many pieces, suitable for cooking steaks.

Kobe beef is a kind of meat, full of fat thin layers, which gives the piece of beef cut similarities with marble. Thanks to these strata, dishes of marbled beef particularly tender and have a delicate taste and exceptional softness, as in the process of rapid heat treatment fat is converted into meat juices.

The price of beef strongly depends on the number and thickness of layers. Naturally, the higher valued meat containing many thin layers, not a few layers of fat thickness of a finger. For several centuries the best marble beef produced in Japan, where the bulls of the breed, Wagyu contained literally in a Paradise-like conditions, including special feeding regime and careful monitoring of diet. Now marble the meat export Australia, New Zealand, USA, countries of Latin America, but the best is still considered Japanese beef.
According to scientists, marbled beef is not only delicious, but also can reduce the risk of cancer.

Why meat can be so expensive?

To get the perfect result Bychkov, Wagyu long time hold on dairy feeding, and at the age of six months are sent to pasture. Some time later, the animals were placed in individual stalls, where hung in a special sling system that does not allow them to move, but at the same time does not allow the fat to accumulate in the same place, as the muscles of the calves are tense. Within seven to ten months they are fed the highest quality grain, watered beer or red wine, do massage and put to classical music for best digestion. In Japan animals daily rubbed with the local vodka – sake. It is believed that this positively affects the taste of meat which is then the most expensive steak in the world. On some farms the diet of cows to add honey, which during frying of meat, caramelizes, creates a savory crust.