The first way
Disconnect Mail.Ru Agent.
Go to control Panel (start - control Panel or My computer - control Panel).
Select the icon "add or remove programs, click on it.
Built in list to select Mail.Ru the Agent and click delete. The program and all its components will be uninstalled from your computer.
The second way
Locate on disk (it is set as default program) in Program files folder Mail.Ru the Agent and remove it.
It is very simple, but the program can not be removed completely (still components that can interfere with work).
The third way
If the first two methods do not give the desired result, try to do so:
In settings remove the tick next to the command to Run the program when you turn on the computer.
Restart the computer.
Manually delete the agent folder from program files.
Run the program to clean the registry, which will remove files associated with the program (for example, Neo Utilitus).